Stationary Cup Holder

(5″W x 7″D x 3″High)


-Fits on our Luxcraft Gliders, Benches & Deck Chairs

-No additional shipping charge when shipped with a Glider, Bench or Deck Chair


-Made from Recycled Milk and Detergent Bottles

-Poly will not split, rot, or peel.

-Poly does not need to be painted or sealed.

-U.V. Stabilized (Fade-Resistant)

-Stains can be removed with soap and water. A pressure washer is helpful if your furniture is very dirty.

-Can be Outdoors Year Round

-Exceptional Resistance to Moisture and Insects

-No Maintenance

-Stainless Steel Hardware


Price does not include delivery, tax (If applicable) or special options. Price includes your choice of standard poly color.