Tips to clean and take care of your handcrafted hardwood furniture

Hardwood Furniture Care FAQs

Mild dish soap and warm water can be used for everyday cleaning. For polishing we recommend to use Guardsman Furniture Polish. Do not use anything with a wax or silicone in it such as Pledge.

Wipe spills immediately but do not scrub with anything abrasive as this will damage the top coat of your furniture. The hardwood furniture you purchased has been finished with a catalyzed varnish. This varnish is a premium conversion varnish. It provides the wood with a strong durable coating against water. For water rings, simply wipe dry and the ring will disappear. Keep all harsh chemicals (example: nail polish/ nail polish remover) away from your furniture as they could damage it.

Avoid placing objects with sharp edges directly on furniture. Use coasters and trivets with non-scratching surfaces underneath glasses, coffee cups, dinner plates, and serving dishes to avoid scratches from pottery or dishes with rough surfaces underneath. Read more about our catalyzed conversion varnish topcoat here.

Heat and humidity will affect the moisture content of the wood. The furniture needs to be kept in a humidity controlled environment. This will prevent warping and cracking which can occur when the humidity levels are too high.

Outdoor Poly furniture can be cleaned using soap and water. For deep stains we recommend power washing on a light setting. In Coastal areas we recommend rinsing off your poly furniture monthly as salt water can cause rusting, even on stainless steel hardware.