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Convertible Changing Tables

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#D104   Convertible Changing Tables

These unique changing tables can later be turned over and used as dressers!

Items Available:

#D104-HC401   6 Drawer Changing Table/Dresser   (52″W x 33″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC402   8 Drawer Changing Table/Dresser   (52″W x 42″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC403   Changing Table/Door Chest   (52″W x 42″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC404   4 Drawer Chest/Changing Table   (40″W x 42″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC407   Wardrobe/Changing Table   (40″W x 42″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC405   3 Drawer Changing Table/Nightstand   (29″W x 33″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC406   2 Drawer Changing Table/Nightstand   (29″W x 24″H x 17″D)

#D104-HC408   Armoire   (40″W x 63″H x 19.5″D)

#D104-HC409   Wall Mirror  (30″W x 36.5″H)

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